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Writing: Home

Samples range from short features to long-form cover stories for Tech in Asia, The Diplomat, Mashable, The Guardian, The Korea Herald, Groove Korea, The Santiago Times, Revista Revolver, New York Daily News, Artinfo.com and Dance Spirit.


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After getting forced out of South Korea, Uber prepares to fight back

This was originally published in Tech in Asia on Dec. 3, 2015.In cities around the world, the story is familiar - the aggressive Silicon Valley startup Uber wages a war against the taxi drivers, bursts into the market and steamrolls anyone or anything that gets...

Now you can Shazam your beer

This was originally published on Tech in Asia on Nov. 12, 2015. So many beers, so little time. With so many options between the hoppy, the fruity, the wheats, the stouts, the ales, the seasonal pumpkin brews - and boy, can those go either way - and...

The digital nomad: lonely, white, male

This was originally published on Tech in Asia on Sept. 3, 2015. Jon Yongfook, a British-Singaporean software engineer, had enough of his day-to-day routine and decided he was done being the cog in a corporate wheel. “I didn’t want to keep building stuff for other people. I wanted...

Can Korea compete in crowdfunding?

This was originally published in The Korea Herald on Aug. 11, 2015. Korea’s start-up community breathed a collective sigh of relief last month when the government approved the long-awaited crowdfunding act, two years after it was first proposed in June 2013. Aimed at opening funding channels for start-ups,...

Support for foreign start-ups in Korea reveals redundancies

This is the fourth article in a series on foreigners working in Korea’s technology start-up ecosystem. Two years ago, the barrier for foreign entrepreneurs to open a business in Korea was 100 million won high ― about $100,000. As major cities began emerging as tech hubs, the Seoul...

Labor laws hurt start-ups

Foreigner quotas, visa rules provoke firms to seek loopholes Published  June 4, 2015, in The Korea Herald Listen to the related radio interview on TBS eFM here This is the third article in a series on foreigners working in Korea’s technology start-up ecosystem. Sang Youn-joo and Stephanie McDonald contributed to...

Foreign start-ups edge in on Korean tech turf

Korea opens up to foreign services, workplace diversity Published May 22, 2015, in The Korea Herald This is the second article in a series on foreigners working in Korea’s technology start-up ecosystem. ― Ed. Tech industry pundits in Korea used to joke that this is where overseas companies...

Diversity missing in Korea’s creative economy drive

Global mindsets needed for shift to software, experts say This is the first article in a series on foreigners working in Korea’s technology start-up ecosystem. — Ed. Published May 8, 2015, in The Korea Herald   With the world’s best broadband networks, global technology giants, game-crazy smartphone users and a hefty 4 trillion...

Korea mulls lifting foreign worker limit

Published April 22, 2015, in The Korea Herald The South Korean government is considering the need to remove the limit on the number of foreign workers a company can hire, a move that would ease hiring, especially for small businesses, according to a foreign business representative in...

[Editorial] You can make a difference, too

Published February 2015 in Groove Korea When Daniel Payne came to Korea in 2003, he was conflicted. As a 23-year-old divorcé struggling with balancing his religion and homosexuality, he found no sympathy from the local Christian Church. But years of questioning God led him to realize a...