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September 2012

Wrote “The final days of Karin Joy Bowerman and Cathy Huynh,” detailing the events surrounding the deaths of two expats who were traveling through Vietnam.

Gathered contributions from friends and family in memoriam.


March 2013

Write “Is Korea’s EFL education failing?,” a cover story criticizing the Korean English education system. The article remains the No. 8 most read story on groovekorea.com.


October 2013

Introduced the first annual readership survey in commemoration of the magazine’s seventh anniversary.


November 2013

Took over as editorial director. Introduced infographics to the cover story.


December 2013

Produced a 20-page cover package (the largest to date at the time) on community, volunteering, homelessness and shady charities.

Held the first annual Groove Korea Contributor Awards.


January 2014

Collaborated with a local startup photography magazine for a cover story on winter travel.

Released the results and comments from the 2014 annual readership survey, and winners of the first annual Groove Korea Contributor Awards.


February 2014

Published a highly controversial cover story on anti-black racism in Korea, which took six months to produce. The article remains the No. 3 most read story on groovekorea.com.

March 2014

Cowrote a cover package on expat celebrities and their rise to the top, featuring a large cover story and four profiles, with professional photography.


April 2014

I love sandwiches.


May 2014

Published an 11-story cover package on women’s issues, including the corporate glass ceiling, feminism, the booming beauty industry, abortion, entrepreneurialism and violence against women.

The issue also expressed support for those affected by a ferry disaster that killed over 300 people, mostly students, and caused a national tragedy.


June 2014

Published a story on homophobia and the AIDS stigma in Korea.


July 2014

Published an 18-page special cover on the evolution of Korea’s main expat district, including new and archive photos and original illustrations.

Presented “Grow local,” a cover package on organic food initiatives, urban gardening and related features.


August 2014

Published a cover story on the dying traditions and culture of Korea’s largest island.


September 2014

Published a 12-page double cover story analyzing issues surrounding overseas adoptions and stigmas against unwed mothers in Korea.


October 2014

Celebrated the magazine’s eighth anniversary with an introspection on eight sectors of Korean or expat society and a look back at Groove’s coverage of those issues over the years. The project involved 20 writers and editors.


November 2014

Published a cover story criticizing the corporate corruption, bribery, government influence and lack of transparency that fuel Korea’s mainstream media.


December 2014

Published a story profiling the marginalized Muslim community in Korea.


January 2015

Published a cover story on sex workers’ fight for a safe environment. The story took one year to complete.


February 2015

Celebrated the magazine’s 100th issue by profiling 100 people who influenced Korea’s food, music and arts, business, media or community. The project took eight months and involved 50+ writers, photographers and editors.


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