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02 Apr [Editorial] You can make a difference, too

Published February 2015 in Groove Korea When Daniel Payne came to Korea in 2003, he was conflicted. As a 23-year-old divorcé struggling with balancing his religion and homosexuality, he found no sympathy from the local Christian Church. But years of questioning God led him to realize a...

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02 Apr [Editorial] Onward and upward

Published in November 2013 in Groove Korea One of Groove Korea’s most difficult times in recent months involved Matt Lamers telling me to get lost. The editor-in-chief and I were arguing over the editing on a feature I had been writing for tireless months, and that he had...

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12 May A savvy bike for the savvy rider

Published on May 12, 2014, on The Korea Herald With a sleek body, smooth transmission and a muscular engine that masters all conditions, it’s got the looks, the moves and the charm: There’s no denying that the new BMW R nineT is a sexy, sexy motorcycle. It’s...

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10 Jan This is Independence Monument Park.

Published Jan. 10, 2010, on one face at a time Ever since the hundred-something brothels in Phnom Penh's notorious Svay Pak district were closed about two years ago, prostitutes have established other stomping grounds around town to solicit their services. Several brothels on Rue 63 near the outdoor...

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