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15 May TEE slowly gains foothold in Korea

Teachers believe Teaching English in English can work with stronger reform Published May 15, 2013, on The Korea Herald This is the third and final in a follow-up series to one which was published in the Expat Living section on March 6 and 13 and covered...

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06 Mar Saying goodbye to an era

Cuts to native English teacher programs begin to set in Published March 6, 2013 in The Korea Herald This is the first in a two-part series on the native English teacher phaseouts in public schools. The second, featuring native English teachers’ further assessments of the program, will be...

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01 Mar Is Korea’s EFL education failing?

Published March 2013 in Groove Korea   Kelly Choi is an 11-year-old entering fourth grade in Seoul’s Gangnam district. She spends some 10 hours studying in seven English classes every week — more than three-fourths the class time of all her other subjects combined, not counting homework. Statistically,...

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